A home or business in Beverly Hills, California might look nice on the inside, but if your home does not have appealing gardens or landscaping, your guests or clients might not get the best impression right away.

Landscaping is often the first thing people notice when they visit a new home or residential complex in Beverly Hills, California. Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture is the landscape architecture and design firm that takes your property from dull and ordinary to vibrant and exceptional.

Landscape Designers at our Beverly Hills Landscaping Firm

As landscape designers and a landscaping architecture firm, we are capable of much more than simply deciding where to plant flowers. We consider the natural contours of your property, and we design gardens, yards, patios and seating areas that fit organically with the surroundings. Our experts can help you with your project in Beverly Hills, California from start to finish.

The Process For Landscaping Projects

Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture’s designers work closely with you – whether you’re a contractor or developer adding the finishing touches to a newly constructed building, an architect who wants landscaping to match certain structural elements or features, or a homeowner looking to beautify your property. We work closely with each client to learn your landscaping dreams, and then work to bring those dreams to life. Whether your property is large or small, our firm can help you turn an ordinary piece of land into an incredible and natural retreat.

If you have questions about our landscape architecture firm and designers for homeowners, developers, contractors and other trade professionals in Beverly Hills, California, contact us at 310-907-5066 today.