Everybody has their own style when it comes to their home. Just like your home interior, your exterior landscaping is an opportunity for you to put that unique style on display. Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture is a contemporary landscape architecture firm that offers both modern and contemporary landscape design for single-family residential landscapes. Let us help you create an exterior space infused with your personality and suited to your needs.

What Makes Landscape Design Contemporary or Modern?

Contemporary and modern are terms that are often used interchangeably, but in landscape design, they’re two entirely different concepts. Both are excellent styles for landscapes throughout Southern California, where our contemporary landscape architecture firm offers services.

Contemporary Landscape Design

A contemporary landscape is one that’s inspired by the natural elements that are already in and around it. In these spaces, you’ll see many native flowers, plants, and materials. Hardscaping features are built to enhance everything around them. The entire look is very natural and adheres to the idea that less is more. Contemporary landscape design is ideal for single-family homes, as it makes for a great space to gather and enjoy the company of others.

Modern Landscape Design

Modern landscapes are based on design trends from the early to mid-20th century. Minimalism is key in these spaces with clean, sharp lines and simple features. They emphasize neutral colors and symmetrical shapes.  A modern landscape can also be great for single-family homes in California. Their simplicity can accentuate your gorgeous home and surrounding natural features, such as mountains or bodies of water.

Ecocentrix Is Your Contemporary Landscape Architecture Firm in Southern California

Our contemporary landscape designers have transformed many residential homes and other properties in California and Hawaii. We create landscapes inspired by your style, the way you use your outdoor space, and your natural environment. Whether you’re looking for something modern and elegant, contemporary and comfortable, or a mix of the two, we’ll design, build, and finesse your landscape until it’s exactly what you envisioned. Are you ready to work with L.A.’s top contemporary landscape architecture firm? Call Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture at 310-907-5066 today!