• “Ecocentrix did an amazing job transforming our property from boring and unnoticeable to beautiful and incredibly functional. We are in our back yard all the time as a result and enjoy entertaining so much more now. John was professional and creative and super insightful.

    He was able to interpret our vague ideas and translate them into exactly what we wanted. He kept us on track as well as the contractors and vendors. He was thorough and always on top of things. Highly recommend them for any project! Contractors and other vendors, they made it a very easy and pleasant experience!”

    Randy & Amy Lee

    Manhattan Beach, CA
  • “We’ve worked with Ecocentrix for several landscaping refreshes and one major backyard/pool project. John is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and collaborative landscape architect.

    For our backyard/pool project, we installed a 32’x12′ pool/spa, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, an underground vault for the pool equipment, and extensive landscaping. He worked closely with the architect of our house on the project, and the results were fantastic. He was able to offer great plant combination options for us to choose from, and we really appreciated his flexibility. He also had a strong rapport with our general contractor and was able to ensure his design was fully realized.

    We would strongly recommend Ecocentrix for anyone looking for an extremely thoughtful and professional landscape architect firm, and we would love to work with them again.”

    David Eaton & Paul Farina

    West Hollywood, CA
  • “Ecocentrix did a fabulous job designing our outdoor space. Our house is a 1920 Spanish colonial revival. We have a three level backyard, with a barbeque and play area on the first level, a pool and Jacuzzi on the second level, and fire pit and putting green on the third level. John did a wonderful job in harmonizing all of the elements and making it appear that we have walked right into Pasadena in the 1920s.”

    Stacy & Ron Harrison

    Hermosa Beach, CA
  • “John Feldman and the Ecocentrix team are really the best. We did a complete year-long landscape/hardscape remodel and the process was actually fun!

    We are SO HAPPY w the results and working w John and our contractor was a pleasure. Excellent design, professionalism, great execution, respect for the budget and meeting of deadlines contributed to the process along with an attention to detail. I will only work with Ecocentrix and look forward to our next project.”

    Mary Lussier

    Encino, CA
  • “Working with Ecocentrix was a pleasure. Above being very knowledgeable and creative, he is flexible and solutions oriented, worked with the budget and the project turned out great. We recommended him to some very high profile clients and are currently collaborating on another project.”

    William Mungall

    Architect at Landry Design Group
  • "A few months ago, while I was searching a landscape architect from Houzz.com, one firm with excellent reviews and portfolio caught my attention. I decided to contact John Feldman of Ecocentrix Landscape Architect to renovate my front and back yard.

    Because of our budget, John suggested that he collaborate on this project with Richard Lusk Landscape and Design. John highly recommended Richard as they had worked on many projects together throughout the years.

    John met me at my house and we walked through the front and back yards, discussing my objectives for the project.

    A couple days after our meeting, John submitted plans with layouts and sample photos of plants and flowers. I love the choices and color palette that John has chosen for our yard.

    John is very knowledgeable with his trade. He is a polite and courteous person. He has excellent credentials but no attitude. It’s easy to work with John.

    I am sure our family will enjoy the flowers and plants that John has chosen for us. I can’t wait till spring time, when the flowers start blooming."

    Jennifer Chia

    Santa Monica, CA
  • “Ecocentrix had a clear picture of how to lay the design of our project. When it came to fruition it was even better than my expectations. He took care of every detail while allowing me input & collaboration. He made himself available to oversee that the project was moving in the direction of his vision. We are totally satisfied with his design.”

    Gayle & Steve Moidel

    Westlake Village
  • “We had a wonderful experience with Ecocentrix. After seeing the Houzz reviews and looking at his website, we contacted him about our project. It was clear that he was out of our price range, but he suggested working with him in a partnership with a design-build firm that he thought was excellent (Richard Lusk Landscape) as a way to make this work. This was an amazing model. It is really innovative and definitely sets John apart from other firms.

    We couldn’t have been happier with how this turned out. First, John is thoughtful, kind, honest, generous, and really talented. I think John and Richard came over to our house about three times to talk with us about what their vision would be and what we could do with our yard while we were still in the interview phase. They were both incredibly generous with their time and ideas (compared to many other folks who we interviewed who only came over once and didn’t want to give anything away until we signed, making it hard to know what we’d be getting). We really liked what John and Richard came up with before we signed on AND they were able to give us a bid that included the price with a guarantee that if we stuck to the general things we were talking about, that the price would not change. And they were absolutely right.

    Even though we were quite happy with the ideas John and Richard sketched out with us before we signed on to work with him, they continued to refine the design and came back with the most amazing, beautiful set of plans. I couldn’t stop smiling during our meeting because they came up with a design that fit us and our space perfectly.

    John also selected the plants and designed the plant placement. We are very happy with this. We also appreciated how well he listened to our likes and dislikes and asked great questions to help us identify our likes and dislikes (we didn’t know much about plants going into this). John really identified things that fit us and we really love how everything looks.”

    Jenessa Shapiro & Noah Goldstein

    Pacific Palisades, CA
  • “Ecocentrix was a pleasure to work with. His professionalism and dedication to the craft is what made him stand out amongst all the landscape architects and designers we interviewed. Our project was a backyard graded slope that he was able to transform into a contiguous outdoor space, perfect for the family and entertaining, both practical and elegant.”

    Jango Sircus & Tiffany Siart

    Silver Lake
  • “Super creative!! This is a great company to work with & especially with John! Wonderful designs, knowledgeable professionals and great customer service. We at MI Design look forward to continue working with them.”

    Lamia Maalouf

    Mi Design, Inc.
  • “Ecocentrix is a highly professional and meticulous landscape architect with attention to detail and a ‘big picture’ vision. He is also very pleasant to work with and has a good repertoire of design styles he works within.”

    Lina Whitworth

    BAM! Architecture
    Colleague and Client
  • “Working with Ecocentrix was a great experience. His dedication to seeing the project completed as originally conceived was invaluable. His design aesthetic and plant expertise meshed perfectly with other members of the design team making the final result a beautiful, welcoming garden. His post construction follow through and guidance of the maintenance staff has ensured that the garden continues to look its best. Highly recommended!”

    Vaughan Trammell

  • “Provided a fully flushed out set of landscape and technical drawings in a decent time frame with a very professional and artistic approach to the project.”

    June Scott

    DWG Design Studio
  • “We have hired Ecocentrix for landscape design, presentation and city permit submittals. John and his associates have a vast array of experience and knowledge. They have demonstrated unique solutions that are both functional and environmentally friendly while bringing beauty to accent each property.

    I would highly recommend Ecocentrix to anyone who needs the services of a qualified and experienced landscape architect.”

    Ken Nagao

    Asahi Gardens, Inc.
    Client and Colleague
  • “I knew John Feldman for quite a few years when we worked together with an architectural firm. I always appreciated his innovative design skills and his rigorous attention to detail.

    John has a very collaborative working style, and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.”

    Jean Marie Fox

    JMS Fox Design
  • “We hired Ecocentrix for the planting and irrigation design of a healthcare center. The planting presentation boards were very well laid out and the plant selections excellent. The follow up with the plans very professional. Very flexible in scheduling and delivered the plans and specifications on schedule and correct. Very professional and easy to work with. Very patient in dealing with city building code issues (that the city didn’t really understand).”

    Richard Emery

  • “I have had the privilege to work with Ecocentrix on several occasions and I have always been impressed with the focus on detail. The resulting landscape masterpiece is a result of talent coupled with hard work. Under the Leadership of John Feldman, Ecocentrix has proven to be the emerging leader on landscape architecture.”

    Mike Garcia

    Enviroscapes, Inc.
  • “Very capable, extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. John is a true professional and I would highly recommend him.”

    Gordon Gibson Construction

    Client and Colleague
  • “I have worked with Ecocentrix for the last four years. I have been very impressed with their knowledge and willingness to make every detail of projects look their best when working with Outdoor Landscape Lighting. It is a pleasure to see quality jobs as apposed to the majority of lighting projects produced by lesser skilled Architects.”

    David Oborn

    FX Luminaire
  • “Collaborating with John for his lighting needs on this project was a fantastic experience! As always, John was looking for a specific setting for his client and was kind enough to offer a nightime demo to the client prior to purchasing. There was also a focus on using energy saving LED fixtures for the project which we were able to provide in a 2700k warm color temperature, with a 3 watt LED downlight and using a wide angle flood lens, creating a warm ambient setting. Johns follow/up, knowledge, and professionalism makes each project very special!”

    Chris Gonzales

    SPJ Lighting
  • “Mr. Feldman had complete plans, with attention to detail, makes himself available, and in general is all one needs from a professional. All the jobs where we worked together ran smoothly. We recommend Ecocentrix anytime we have the opportunity.”

    Dan Cristescu

    California Design Collaborative, Inc.
  • “Ecocentrix is one of the nation’s top landscape architects and is dedicated to excellence in the field of residential and commercial landscape architecture. During his 5-year affiliation with Landscape Design Advisor he has successfully helped many of our clients with their landscape projects. His work has a special quality unseen by most in his field. As a testament to this, many of John’s projects have been featured in well-respected worldwide publications.”

    Allen Quay

    Landscape Design Advisor
  • “The attention, caring, and exceptional follow through that John Feldman, the owner of Ecocentrix, provided in his service was only surpassed by the excellence and expertise of his landscape designs and professional guidance.”

    Nina & Lawrence Koh

  • “We worked with Ecocentrix to design a garden for our 1930s house in Los Angeles. When we first met with John he saw that the landscape was a critical component to unify the massing and various elements of the architecture itself. John provided several schemes complete with hardscape an planting sketches as well as plant palettes for each. John was open to our feedback and was a great listener. We were able to make decisions quickly and move forward with ease thanks to the strength of Ecocentrix design sensibility, visual and verbal communications. We loved our house before and know we really love it – inside and out. I wholeheartedly recommend Ecocentrix!”

    Sean O’Connor

    Client and Colleague
  • “Great experience working with Ecocentrix! The very professional and talented staff created a magical landscape design and implemented it smoothly and on time. I love my garden now and would recommend Ecocentrix highly!”

    Teresa Gibson

  • “I have worked with Ecocentrix on several projects. John and his staff are extremely personable, professional and just plain fantastic. Their professional knowledge of landscape architecture is beyond great.

    I have worked with many landscape architects but working with John is a real treat. I definitely recommend him because of his design capabilities, personality and dedication.

    It has been a pleasure and honor working with John on multiple projects over the past few years. His expertise, management skills and personality shine on every project. He is easy to work with on projects large or small and the information on adjustments and edits flows smoothly. I enjoy working with John every time. He is a great person to work with and I highly recommend him and Ecocentrix.”

    Ryan Knope Visualization

  • “The team of Ecocentrix did an amazing job of transforming my yard into a beautiful garden. I spend many hours outside enjoying their work. They continue to support me and my garden even after the initial work was completed. They have an understanding and appreciation of repurposing existing materials and plants. I was listened to but also advised in areas where my inexperience was obvious. I always recommend Ecocentrix to friends who are looking to beautify their property.”

    Marge Dean

    South Pasadena
  • “We worked with John related to a landscape in Manhattan Beach, California. He is a pleasure to work with, professional, incredibly knowledgeable in his work, and highly committed to his clients’ satisfaction.

    This not only speaks to his integrity, but also his desire to see that his clients get the best service and landscape materials possible, at the best value to them. He’s also a really nice person!”

    Maurice Levin

    Jurassic Garden
  • “Over the years collaborating with John has never been anything short of a pleasure. He brings to the table an impress breadth of knowledge and proficiency when it comes to celebrating landscape as emotional spatial experiences. While remarkably talented he is refreshingly humble and genuine, characteristics that behoove any type of collaborative relationship. From intimate Southern California beach lots to complex international developments I have been able to witness John’s great sensitivity and talent toward enriching life through landscape design.”

    Robert Gdowski

    Principal at JCJ Architecture
  • “It was a pleasure working with John Feldman and Ecocentrix few days ago. I was very impressed with his experience, knowledge, and abilities to communicate and understand ideas.

    I rarely found people with his talent and commitment to clients. John’s work is exceptional clear and beautiful, reflecting the goals and intentions of his clients as well expressing a very interesting sense of place. But what I mostly admire John Feldman’s interest in servicing his clients without preconceived ideas and always providing the highest professional value. I highly recommend Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture.”

    Jorge Sciupac

    Architect at Partnergies
  • “John is a man of vision who can turn ideas into reality. You can rely on his honesty and integrity.”

    Robert Ferrari

    Ferrari Pacific Realty Corporation
  • "We started with just a vision when we first met with John and Serena. After a few wonderful meetings and discussion, they developed a beautiful plan that met our expectations. One of the key components to building our new home was to have the "indoor-outdoor" living experience. This is why their plan was so important to us. Every aspect of the design correlated with the warmth and beauty to the overall plan. Our outdoors setting absolutely completes our home.

    We certainly can say, that although building a new home can be challenging for many reasons, John and Serena were professional, efficient and made the process through completion a pleasure."

    Tamara and Mark Litman

    Westlake Village, CA
  • "Ecocentrix did a complete redesign of our backyard. This was an extremely challenging project because of the elevation change throughout the backyard and the large-scale of the property. Ecocentrix had to include complex factors such as drainage, slope of the land, and even how sunlight falls on the site. Ecocentrix had the experience and vision to handle this difficult project.

    Ecocentrix designed several options to fit within our tight budget and taste. They used different construction materials, such as stone facing, wood decking, concrete, and PV stone/boulders obtained from local construction sites. The plan was useable and real. John Feldman, the owner, put a lot of thought into our plan, prepared presentations that included cost estimates (from several reputable construction companies), provided sketches and plant palettes, and he had an appreciation for the surrounding environment.

    John was personable and easy to work with. He was devoted to pleasing our taste in landscape architecture while keeping the integrity of the design consistent with the surrounding architecture and natural environment. John was able to refine and redesigned our property according to our taste.

    The city in which we live has very strict codes and an Art Jury that reviews any changes on the property. The Art Jury is notorious for making the simplest of projects difficult. John was able to work with the city, interact multiple times with home association and planning department, and meet with city officials to allow the project to be permitted.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Ecocentrix because of their professionalism, exception design taste, experience with multiple projects, and ability to work with small or large properties."

    Dean and Kara Herbrandson

    Palos Verdes Estates, CA
  • "Our experience with John and Serena was excellent. Working with an HOA presented additional pressures but they made great presentations and listened well. The end results is a fantastic front yard that people passing by often express positive comments. In just one year the yard looks great."

    John Madison

    Santa Monica, CA
  • "We enjoyed working with John Feldman. His design scheme met our goals and produced the look we were trying to achieve. He was very professional, hands-on and the project went very smoothly. We would enjoy working with him again."

    Patrick and Mari McAlister

    Beverly Hills, CA
  • "We had the pleasure of working with John Feldman from Ecocentrix. He was patient, available and prompt and precise with his design suggestions. There were several instances where we felt between a rock and hard place on our design options given our backyard space limitations and John put in the research in to help find us find the right planting solutions. I highly recommend his team."

    Stanwood Avenue

    Mar Vista, CA