Outdoor spaces are an important aspect of every property. Whether it’s a single-family home, luxury apartment complex, or an office park, people need a place to escape to for a moment to themselves or a breath of fresh air.  At Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture, creating inviting exteriors is our specialty. We’re a mixed-use and hospitality landscape design firm that focuses on elegance and comfort in the spaces we develop. We offer expert landscape design for all types of properties in Southern California and Hawaii.

Ecocentrix Specializes in Mixed-Use & Hospitality Landscape Designs

Maximizing your quality of life is a priority for our team of experienced landscape architects. We design, build, and transform outdoor spaces to fit the needs of your tenants, the natural contours of your property, and the aesthetic you wish to achieve.

Our hospitality landscape designers are adept at designing landscapes in all different styles. We can create a mid-century modern courtyard for your office building, a luscious traditional landscape to highlight the outdoor amenities of your L.A. high-rise condos, or a unique Japanese garden for your sprawling business park.

Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture works with many different clients, such as apartment building owners, commercial property contractors, interior designers, and beyond. Our mixed-use and hospitality landscape design firm is based in Santa Monica but will travel throughout California, Hawaii, and other areas to develop one-of-a-kind luxury landscapes.

Do you want to elevate your multi-family residence, commercial space, or other property with a resort-style landscape customized to your needs? Contact Ecocentrix to discuss our mixed-use and hospitality landscape design services today!