The complex hillsides of Los Angeles are one of the most striking features that appeal to so many celebrities, entertainment executives and luxury residents of Southern California. The natural beauty of the terrain combined with breathtaking views from atop the hills are incomparable to other areas of the city.

But for all that California offers in the way of its ecosystem, it also suffers from a variety of devastating natural disasters which include earthquakes, mudslides, hillside erosion and wildfires. Homeowners of these hillside residences are uniquely concerned about the safety and longevity of their luxuriously landscaped properties.

Landscape Architecture for Hillside Erosion Control
and Fire Prevention

Hillside erosion is dangerous and expensive, which is why it is essential to prevent erosion whenever possible through proper landscape architecture and design, quality hillside development and landscape maintenance. Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture specializes in complex hillside development which includes extensive feasibility studies to ensure that your hillside property is designed for all of its unique complexity. We are experts in creating high-end outdoor environments with unparalleled design features, while at the same time deftly focused on slope stabilization and erosion control.

While hillside erosion cannot be completely prevented in the event of a natural disaster, your property can be protected to minimize or mitigate damage created by or against your hillside. Our team of landscape architects and designers are experts in managing the terrain of erosion prone hillsides.

Slope Stabilization with Proper Landscaping Techniques

Slope stabilization and erosion control are essential considerations for complex hillside development. Because no one wants to slide down a hill while sitting in their spa. With proper design and planning, through the use of quality materials and location appropriate plantings, hillsides can be secured for highly destructive and unanticipated natural disasters.

Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture works with a wide range of clients, including architects and engineers, contractors, real estate developers and client representatives who need to coordinate the construction demands of complex hillside properties. If you are looking to prevent hillside erosion or fix damaged caused by an eroded hillside, contact Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture at 310-907-5066.