What are the best features of your property in Pasadena, California? Do you have an amazing view and a steeply sloped property? Do you have a wide open space with plenty of room? No matter what the land around your home or residential complex in Pasadena, California may look like now, our landscape architects and design firm brings out those beautiful aspects and make the space enjoyable, practical, and gorgeous.

Experience Landscape Architect in Pasadena CA

John Feldman specializes in landscape architecture and has the experience and knowledge needed to transform your landscape into an incredible outdoor living space. Our landscape architects will often point out to the landowners some great aspects of the property they had not realized, or our architects will identify new creative ways to use the existing space.

We look at every property in Pasadena, California with fresh eyes, working to use your existing landscape as a blank canvas to design something you and all of your future guests will love. We make sure to use elements of the surrounding land to create a natural look to the property, so nothing appears out of place. Our landscape architecture and design firm can also incorporate unique water features such as pools, fountains and waterfalls, to give your space a stunning new look.

Our Landscape Design Process For Your Pasadena, California Home or Business

Before we begin any design at our landscape architecture and design firm, we consult with you to get a better understanding of your lifestyle and your property so that we can create the most well-thought, uniquely beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. We also work with architects, interior designers, client representatives and engineers from the design phase for new properties, designing landscapes that complement the structure while providing a natural and inviting space. We work with developers, construction managers and contractors throughout the building process, scheduling our installation and planting around the needs of construction crews to minimize the potential for damage and to ensure the whole project is completed on time.

To get started, schedule an appointment to discuss your property with our team by calling Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture at 310-907-5066 today.