Osaka, Japan

The Sumiyoshi Landscape Concept is to create a series of garden rooms linked by stonewalls and water elements. Our scheme provides a variety of landscape experiences integrated into the housing fabric, as well as a geometric underpinning of the architecture’s strong massing. The simple coherent spaces and quiet, refined planting are inspired by monastic cloister architecture and their gardens. Beautifully crafted stonewalls are a powerful and unique element in the existing landscape.

New freestanding stonewalls are used to define garden rooms, and to create layers of space, light and shadow. Short walls mark the entry court as the center in a sequence of library, entry, and orchard gardens. Several long walls enclose the main central garden and screen views to and from residential units. The walls are combined with large reflecting pools to suggest a kind of moat-like treatment of the space.

Sumiyoshi-Honmachi Towers Gallery