Brentwood, California

Located in Kenter Canyon, this site draws distant ocean breezes through chattering leaves on the hillsides Eucalyptus groves. In the front of the home we designed a cobble motor court that fronted this wonderful Barraganesque Spanish home. Elegant entry fountains are surrounded by cobble, pattered concentrically to echo the ripples emanating from the fountain.

A long side garden corridor leads to the rear of the home where specimen succulents adorn multileveled planters that flank a dreamy infinity pool, reflecting the sky and Eucalyptus canopies from beyond. Flowing sandstone steps into the pool and becomes a design thread for other stair transitions between the pool and detached spa and over to the lower hillside areas.

At the lower terrace, within the canopy of the Existing hillside Eucalyptus trees, we designed a fabulous deck that hovers over the canyon. Trails unfurl from this point for more casual traversing of the aloe planted canyon and for a heightened botanical experience.

Tigertail Road Gallery