What is Firescaping?

With the recent outbreak of wildfires in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, homeowners and residents are in the process of recovering and rebuilding their fire damaged homes and landscapes, and are concerned about the future.

One method of preventing future fire damage to homes is through firescaping landscaping. What is it? Firescaping is landscape design and maintenance that is focused on keeping wildfires from reaching your home. Firescape techniques include creating “fire safety zones” and selecting “fire smart” plants during landscape design. Firescape maintenance is all about keeping plants healthy and limiting plant vulnerability to fire.

Fire Prevention Landscaping in Los Angeles & SoCal

Fire safety zones, or defensible spaces, create distance between the home and burnable objects including plants. Fire smart plants are those unlikely to ignite and spread fire. Similarly fire smart planting arrangements take into account all the varying layers of vegetation that could ignite and create what is called a “fire ladder” during an uncontrolled fire.

Firescaping Your Hillside Home in Los Angeles, California

Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture specializes in complex hillside development. Our team of landscape designers are experts in managing the terrain of fire prone areas including firescaping, fire prevention and maintenance and fire recovery. If you would like to prevent your home or landscape from being damaged by wildfire, please get in touch with us by calling 310-907-5066.